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A message from Bobby Castro:

"For many years now, I’ve been truly overwhelmed by the number of people asking me to be their business mentor. Well, I couldn’t be more excited to share that I now can be! 

I am one without any doubt to understand the challenges and journey of a business owner/entrepreneur regardless of being a small, medium, or large business. I have not only succeeded in these 3 levels, but more so, made countless of mistakes over and over to reach the goal that most business owners would like to reach, and that is creating enterprise value. 

You may be asking, what is enterprise value? This is where a business owner drives a stake into the ground and comes to a conclusion of "I am tired of just having a job". You may be shocked by this statement because you're thinking "Bobby what do you mean have a job? I own the business!" The reality is, if the business needs you in order for it to operate successfully, then you simply have a job. You see, for many years I did not understand this. 

Along my journey I used to think making $250,000, $500,000, $1 million, $5 million, and $10 million plus a year was success. I completely missed the point until I truly understood the strategy behind financial freedom. You see when I was making $250,000 a year, I could have implemented so many strategies to have gotten to my goals much sooner than later, and more so, created unthinkable enterprise value.

I'm grateful I eventually figured it out which enabled me to sell the company I founded with absolutely no money or investors for $1 billion dollars under my own terms. The same strategy I learned from many many years of mistakes and lessons I simply duplicated the same fundamentals and strategies to other lines of businesses and investments and guess what happened? I scaled those lines of businesses/investments quickly, efficiently, and effectively because of those mistakes and lessons I learned. 

In order for you to scale its going to take human capital with the right skillsets. I was able to scale to nearly 700+ employees which included sales staff, operations, analytics, legal, accounting, and product development. There is no question in my mind looking back how much I have actually learned to scale companies. 

You may be asking yourself, "Bobby, can you help me in my industry, overcome challenges, issues, and more so, how to scale so I too can create enterprise value?" The answer is YES! As long as you are coachable, vulnerable, and humble. If you are that stubborn, smartest person in the room type, kindly save your hard earned money.

I am not claiming I am the smartest or the brightest nor claiming I know it all. There are plenty of unbelievable and successful entrepreneurs that have created the same or far more than I have. However, I'm at a stage in my life where I want to coach no more than 10 clients per year one on one and more importantly the right clients.

My guarantee to you is that you will have my full transparency, access to my bank of knowledge and experience, and my complete understanding of the key fundamentals its going to take in order to reach true financial freedom as I have, but more importantly, enterprise value within your business. PMA all day everyday!"

What Can You Expect As A Client?

Create a full understanding of your business, personal life, & financial overview.

Review your current operational process,  methodology,  any 3rd party agreements, & resources.

Review of current trainings that involve sales, operations, new recruits, etc.

Identify strengths & weaknesses as to pricing, margins, compensations, & more.

Review of sales revenue, sales approach, sales staff, & sales processes along with marketing materials & processes.

Identify the next steps together & map out the strategy for execution.

What Is Included In The Program?

$10,000 Per Month

  •  Month to Month, 30-Day Notice Contract

  • ​ 60-Minute Bi-Weekly Virtual Calls with Bobby

  •  Unlimited Access to Bobby's Bank of Knowledge

  •  Yearly In-Person Private Client Retreats

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